Op-Ed: A Proven Solution For The Growing Property Tax Burden In Iowa

Writing with TEF Iowa policy director John Hendrickson in the Sioux City Journal, Rich States, Poor States co-author Jonathan Williams explains how legislation similar to Utah’s Truth in Taxation law could provide Iowans with property tax relief.

How can Iowa lawmakers provide property tax relief for all Iowans? One elegant policy idea comes from Utah’s Truth in Taxation law, which is considered the gold standard for property tax reform. Utah’s policy successfully provides both transparency and accountability to what can otherwise be an extremely frustrating and complicated process for taxpayers. Too often, local governments take advantage of informing taxpayers that they have reduced rates, but after corresponding assessment increases, many times taxpayers are left wondering why their property tax bill has significantly increased from the previous year. This method of hiding tax increases through assessment-driven measures that never receive a public hearing or vote is unfair and dishonest.

Read the complete op-ed here.

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