State Comparison

Variables Flag of Michigan
Flag of Ohio
Economic Outlook Data
Overall Outlook Rank 17th 19th
Top Marginal Personal Income Tax Rate 6.65% 6.49%
Top Marginal Corporate Income Tax Rate 8.00% 3.68%
Personal Income Tax Progressivity (change in tax liability per $1,000 of income) $2.83 $15.51
Property Tax Burden (per $1,000 of personal income) $31.40 $28.17
Sales Tax Burden (per $1,000 of personal income) $19.84 $22.51
Remaining Tax Burden (per $1,000 of personal income) $16.09 $15.37
Estate / Inheritance Tax Levied? No No
Recently Legislated Tax Changes $0.00 -$1.28
Debt Service as a Share of Tax Revenue 7.37% 6.13%
Public Employees Per 10,000 of Population (full-time equivalent) 439.1 497.5
State Liability System Survey (tort litigation treatment, judicial impartiality, etc.) 68.8 67.7
State Minimum Wage (federal floor is $7.25) $9.87 $9.30
Average Workers’ Compensation Costs (per $100 of payroll) $1.14 $1.11
Right-to-Work State? (option to join or support a union) Yes No
Tax Expenditure Limits 2 1
Economic Performance Data
Overall Performance Rank 35 31
State Gross Domestic Product 32.07% 35.37%
Absolute Domestic Migration -278,245 -232,316
Non-Farm Payroll Employment 4.06% 4.13%
Michigan Profile Ohio Profile

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